February 9th, 2018

Red Friday Open Thread – Snowmageddon Edition

Red Friday Open Thread - Snowmageddon Edition “Cheers and a very Happy Friday to you!” Starting things here a little later than usual and no, not because of the mass amounts of Barley and Hops consumed last evening. Here on my little piece of the planet we are getting a pretty decent snowfall this fine Friday and I have cleared the BPU compound twice already since the Big Sexy got out of bed this morning.

For the past two days they have been predicting 4-8 inches aaand, of course you would have thought it was a warning as to the impending doom of civilization as we know it. Face the facts people, we really have raised a generation of wussified pussies afraid of and triggered by everything around them. At the risk of sounding like my Grandfather, I remember my Mother having to tether my brother, sister and I to the fire hydrant at the bus stop so we wouldn’t blow away in the blizzard while waiting for the school bus!!!

That and, we have become the most litigious sue happy society literally paralyzing us from performing daily functions as we always have for fear of having our butts or our insurance companies taken to court. Explains why schools call off at the site of the first falling snowflake.

OK, OK OK Randall, this wasn’t supposed to be a Rant!.. says the little voice in my head.

Time to add some gas to the tractor and push all the snow that the Crazy Bastard in the snowplow tidal waved into my driveway on his 70mph pass by. Have yourselves a GREAT Friday and even better weekend. Proudly wear your Red today in support of all our Troops deployed.

On a personal note, after a year away from my Lovely Daughter-In-Law and my Grandbabies, my oldest boy and Army SSgt. Son is finally home from his yearlong deployment to Djibouti, Africa. “Welcome Home Son, I am so very proud of you”.

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