Restless Heart

Restless Heart, the debut album by the Country and Western music group Restless Heart was released by RCA Nashville in March of 1985.

“Let the Heartache Ride” (Van Stephenson, Dave Robbins, Tim DuBois) – 3:37
“I Want Everyone to Cry” (Wood Newton, Michael Noble) – 3:27
“(Back to The) Heartbreak Kid” (Stephenson, DuBois) – 3:53
“Restless Heart” (DuBois, Stephenson, Robbins) – 3:36
“She’s Coming Home” (Randy Sharp, Donny Lowery) – 3:04
“Til I Loved You” (Stephenson, Robbins, Jeff Silbar) – 3:03
“Shakin’ the Night Away” (Gary Burr) – 2:48
“She Danced Her Way (Into My Heart)” (Stephenson, Silbar, Sam Lorber) – 3:51

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