Saturday OT – Hot Breakfast Edition

I have been sitting here for two hours now this early morning sipping on my coffee occasionally enjoying a Marlboro Light, White or whatever the hell they are called these days. All I know is whenever I purchase a pack or two they are called, “No, No, Not those, Up one row, Over, Over, … There Ya Go!!!”

RandallsBPU Peanut

It has been a long week as demonstrated by my lack of posting and I have been sitting here contemplating pulling a few irons’ I have in the fire out. Most of you know the Cripple (Me) taking care of a cripple (My Wife) taking care of a cripple (my Son) situation I have going on here. To make things even more interesting the home nursing hours granted my Son were cut in half as of the 1st of the year. Already appealed and was denied at the county level and currently awaiting a decision at the state level.

I also have been managing the Canteen (Bar) at the VFW Post of which I am a Proud member for the past two years as well as being the BINGO Chairman. Time to myself is at a premium and unfortunately I have been to tired to take full advantage of it.

So I sit here this morning over a Hot Breakfast (Coffee and Smokes) running through the list of Pro’s and Con’s in my head prior to making any decisions I hope would eventually ease the constant goings on in my life. By no means am I out of the fight mind you. I just need to step back re-prioritize and re-group I think.

Having been told on numerous occasions not only by my better half but family and friends that I need to let people in and share what’s going on in my life with others a little more often, you may consider this a quick peek into the dark crevices amongst the gray matter.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and kindly ask that the last one to leave please shut out the lights and make sure the door is shut securely behind you…

“The last thing any of us need is my mind wondering around UN-supervised!”

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