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July 27th, 2017

Seven Reasons Trump Won And Kid Rock Is Picking Up Momentum

Breaking promises made to their constituents and the American People these seven Douchebags dressed in Republicrat clothing all voted AGAINST a clean and total Obamacare repeal bill in the Senate yesterday. All except for Susan (Mrs. Garrett) Collins Show voted to rescind Obamacare in 2015 when Baracka Hussein had his butt parked in the Oval Office.

Why Trump Won and Kid Rock Is Picking Up Momentum

–•– Meet the GOP Republicrats who flip-flopped on Obamacare repeal…
–•– Obamacare Repeal-Only Fails in the Senate, Seven Republicans Vote “No”…
–•– 7 GOP Senators Voted Against a Clean Obamacare Repeal. Here’s What They Said to Get Elected…

Kid Rock for Senate 2018

  • Imp_Peaches_Idiot

    Pretty simple to understand I think, they all said they wanted to rescind the Health Care Act for reasons they felt could be changed for the better. After all the whining and bitching the Republicans did they failed to put together any actually viable plan for a new healthcare bill that would improve on questionable areas of the current Health Care Act. Good for these seven, happy to see Republicans or Democrats who are more concerned for the welfare of the American people and not special interest groups or party bullies who can’t handle the fact that the current AHA was put into practice by an African American. And more importantly, is Kid Rock really running for Senate???

    • I know of Seven Senators who are obviously not concerned with Baracka Hussein being the first Kenyan born black President. (LOL) Democrats broke the healthcare system and now refuse to fix it for one specific reason, FAILURE. Can you say Single Payer? Republicrats were elected on promises to fix it it but after BILLIONS of $$$ collected in campaign funds, higher tax revenues and MILLIONS of $$$ in special interest money especially from insurance lobbyists now looking for bail outs, well, Obamacare or Government Run Single Payer is quite possibly now here to stay.
      As far as Kid Rock running for Senate, your guess is as good as mine. He is polling way ahead of Dingbat Debbie Stabmenow here in my home state though.
      Thank you for your comment Imp_Peaches_Idiot and have a great day.