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June 12th, 2017

Smile Ladies, It’s Monday – 6/12/2017

Smile Ladies, It's Monday

Another weekend is in the can and I for one am glad it is Monday. Last Friday I had to take my lovely bride, Mrs. BPU to the emergency room for another infection in her already toeless foot. A type2 diabetic she has had one hell of a time for the past two years since a new pair of shoes rubbed an open sore on the big toe of her left foot. The battles continue in her long war against losing her left leg. Please keep her in your prayers.

The nursing agency responsible for the home care of my 14 year old cerebral palsy/seizure disorder Son can’t seem to find a replacement Saturday/Sunday night nurse since I fired the Ding Bat weekend nurse I had three months ago. I grew tired of nursing a nurse nursing my Son. Not being the all-nighter I use to be back in the day by the time our Angel of Mercy shows up Monday morning, I am in much need of uninterrupted peaceful sleep. Coffee maker didn’t get jump started until almost noon this fine day.

I didn’t catch much news over the weekend as every time I did venture over to one of the Fake News outlets it was wall to wall bullshit branding the Anti-Sharia Law protestors as a bunch of Muslim hating anti Islamist. Then there was the lefts newest victim Comey, Comey, Comey … Russian collusion, special councils and investigations into investigation of investigations… same old crap all weekend long.

And finally, the best of the weekend was Ryan Blaney’s battle against Kyle Busch with 10 laps remaining to drive on and get his first win breaking a 122-race winless streak for Wood Brothers Racing.

Fn’ Awesome!!!