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July 16th, 2017

Somewhere This Monday Morning In Detroit

Somewhere This Monday Morning In Detroit

Monday is once again upon us and we are off and, well, “It’s Monday again anyway.”

Hope your weekend was FRICKEN’ AWESOME and your hangover this early morning is somewhat co-operative. If their is such a thing as a co-operative hangover that is. I don’t do hangovers anymore but from what I remember???

“Hmmm, I can’t remember.”

Let’s slap this week of a horse in the ass and giddy up here. Try and not spill your coffee…

BabeForTrumpYes, She is a #BABEFORTRUMP and no, I do not care if I get laughed at for losing all three rounds of a Greco Roman wrestling match with her… →

“After all, I am the same guy that was penalized and my ‘Summer Nudist Camp’ membership revoked for not jumping high and far enough during our annual Leap Frog competition!

If things weren’t just about as confusing as confusing could already be, the biologically retarded gender confused who for some confusing reason are allowed to join our Military Services will now be afforded TAX PAYER money to complete their trangenderismness thanks to the YEA votes of 24 obviously confused Republicrats.

I am Just — in F**Ken’ Amashed!!!

Mitch the Yertle McTurtle delayed the ‘ObamaCare Lite’ healthcare vote as Sen John McCains current health issues and subsequent surgery seemed to have developed about the same time McTurtles realized he doesn’t have enough votes to pass his Gem of a Republicrat bill of Bullsh!t.

Nick Lowe – I Knew The Bride (1985) “CRANK IT UP!!!”

Lastley, I am a firm believer that anybody who runs for and is elected to the House and Senate should be TERM LIMITED from a lifetime appointment. We elect our Presidents to no more than two terms, eight years and then politely boot them the hell out yet we allow our elected legislators to spend a lifetime screwing up yours, mine and our lives as a career?

The Founding Fathers designed our system of Government so that the common farmer, cobbler or blacksmith who felt the need to serve was given the opportunity to do so as a service to his country and community for a period of time before returning home to harvest crops, repair shoes and iron bent. Real careers where the value of a dollar meant something and the trials of life truly valued.

That being said, as Goofy as it may sound at this moment … I am glad Kid Rock is considering a run at it.

“Make America Rock Again!”

And, take one guess at which career ‘Fake Indian’ politician is beating her War Drums over the smoke signals she is seeing in the distance.

The Phony Fake Indian (Dipshit-Mass) Elizabeth Warren

Have yourselves a Wonderful Day and a Great Week