Special K Sworn In as Supreme Court Justice

From the moment PRESIDENT Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the Unites States the Democrats along with their accomplices in the media initiated their pre-planned Full Court Press, Balls to the Wall character assassination.

Judge Kavanaugh and his family have had to endure some of the most filthy and indecent accusations put forth by again our nations Democrats, so called NEW’s services and the sheeple with an I.Q. to match their age just gullible enough to actually believe the Bullsh!t served them.

It takes a hell of a man to endure what Brett Kavanaugh just went through and, a Hell of a President to stick by his nominees’ side though the F**k-Fest the Democrats just put Brett Kavanaugh, you, me and our country through.

Special K Brett Kavanaugh Sworn In

Everyone of those Democrat Sons and Daughters of Bitches need to be voted the hell out for what they have done!

Full Story Here

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