Sunday OT – Barley Pop – Aholic Edition (10/21/2018)

‘My apologies for the lack of informative yet smarkasticly Fantastic posts as of late’.

I have been busy, busy, busy…

On a personal note, having suffered a stroke and an extended three week stay in the hospital I finally got Mrs. BPU home last Thursday afternoon. Even though there will be weeks of therapy ahead of her, she has regained movement of her right side but is still experiencing a loss of feeling and numbness.

Between her and BPU Jr. my 16 year-old cerebral palsy Son, it is a wonder I am not a full blown raging Barley Pop-Aholic!!!

“I only wake from being passed out on the garage floor in a puddle of my own drool and spittle three maybe four days a week”.

Good News:

If it weren’t for my local ‘Quicky Mart’ security camera’s, I would never have known that I am one of many who suffer from a hyper active imbalance caused by the earths constant rotation and pull of gravity! …

GOD Bless

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