That Doesn’t Happen Very Often…

After administering my boys 9pm medications last night (Heavy anti-seizure meds) and getting him all cleaned up and comfortable I crawled on my bed to watch METV (Gomer Pyle, Green Acres and Hogan’s Hero’s) until Peanuts nurse arrives at 10:45.


Other than hearing the Wifey come to bed sometime during the night I slept straight through until 4am when my bladder came a calling. A great nights sleep with no running laps to the bathroom all night and no aches and pains associated with the rods, plates and screws of my bionic spine.

I slept so well I was actually ready to get my day going at 4am this morning.

Crawled back into bed thinking I would roll around for an hour before getting the day started and ended up racking two more hours of sleep.

Rarely do I sleep like that so when I do, “It is like being given a sweet treat!”

I hope everyone slept as well as I did and of course enjoy yourselves this fine summer weekend!

Happy Dance

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