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October 6th, 2017

The Miami Northwestern High School Golden Girls Halftime Stripper Show

The only thing missing are the stripper poles and a bunch of rowdy drunks stuffing $$$’s down their garters?

(PJ Media) — The Miami Northwestern High School Golden Girls are causing a stir on social media. These are not the beloved octogenarian Golden Girls with the always funny Betty White, but a group of “band dancers” who look more like employees of an all-night bordello. This is a category of dancers I’ve never heard of, but apparently, the band members of this high school need their own squad of writhing wrigglers to accompany them on the field. As a parent, I am sad for these beautiful girls. Each one of them is talented and lovely — and being exploited for the pleasure of men, some of whom are probably their coaches and teachers. In what universe is this okay to do to minor girls?

  • Monty James

    They’re kids. Who the hell allows this with kids?

  • Dave Brik

    Homies and noy bright