The Real Reason Democrats Want ‘Goose-Coonman’ Gone

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Goose CoonmanIf you really believe the Left-Tards are all seriously outraged over the Yearbook photo of ‘Goose-Coonman’ Ralph Northam dressed in BlackFace or KKK attire then you are probably anxiously awaiting Al Gore’s next and newest prediction as to what year Global Warming/Climate Change will end the world as we know it.

   No No No my friends…

this is all about a willful baby killing pediatrician mind you who just laid the Left-Tards cards on the table for all to see.

Getting rid of Virginia Governor ‘Goose-Coonman’ is all about the good Doctor Ole Ralphy Northam exposing the Left-Tards dirty little secret…

   that Democrats are all for killing children just prior to and even after birth!!!

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