November 30th, 2017

Thursday Open Thread 11.30.2017 – Perv Alert Edition

WOW!, It’s Thursday already? This is the first day this week where after pouring a cup of coffee and opening my day planner to what ‘Must Do’s and Need Be Done’ awaits me, a continuation sheet full of tasks to be accomplished didn’t fall out.

Needless to say, I have been busier than ‘sheeet’ since my post last Monday and after a good night’s rest it is nice to sit here and enjoy my coffee while relaxing a little bit.

U.S. Marine Corp Emblem Last Friday night I and we at our VFW Post lost a very dear friend. Ken, a Marine and Vietnam Veteran was the first person I met when I decided to join the Old Settlers VFW Post in April of 2016. Like most Marines Ken never missed an opportunity to give me shit about the Air Force and I enjoyed giving it back just as fast as he could dish it out. Ken quickly became my best Bud and my biggest champion and support system as I took on more and more leadership and managerial responsibility. Every time I see that empty barstool at the far corner of the bar I will think of Ken.

You will be sincerely missed my friend.

‘God Bless & LuvYa-all’… Now, lets hit it!!!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I Know,.. PDT doesn’t talk, walk or conduct himself like a seasoned politician. Maybe because he isn’t and that my friends was largely in part to why he was elected to begin with! And, I am convinced that is why PDT continues to make the Lame Stream Media look like a bunch of children throwing tantrums in the candy isle of your favorite grocery store. Why Chuck ‘The Schmuk’ Schumer and the Delusional Nancy Pelosi are suffering a severe case of the vapors. And, why Mitch ‘The Yertle’ McTurtle and the Republicrat’s are finally hell bent on actually getting something accomplished for fear of being sent the hell home permanently. If anything, PDT pulling the LSM and Washington establishment along like a bunch of first time leashed puppies who refuse to walk is a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

A couple of links to the stories I got a chuckle over this morning…

–•– Sexual Predator Rep. John Conyers Hospitalized For Stress Related Illness ~ I imagine as more women you abused come forward threatening your position of Absolute Power, that can be a little stressful.
–•– Delusional Dingbat Nancy Pelosi: John Conyers Should Resign ~ But the White Guy and serial groper Al ‘Effin’ Franken gets to stay?
–•– Matt Lauers Super Secret Hidden RAPE Button ~ Women were not getting out of Matt Laurs office until the put out!
–•– PDT Shows Schumer and Pelosi for the Empty Chairs They Are ~ Schmucky and Dingbat got a little testy after PDT called them out for what they truly are.
–•– PDT Calls ‘Lil Rocket Man’ A Sick Puppy ~ Aaand, of course CNN has issues with this ruining any chances of diplomacy with the threatening Fat Lil Bastard in North Korea. What part of playing with the Devil will get you burned do they not understand?
–•– It Is Necessary for the Sake of Societal Sanity to Laugh At “Pocahontas”, Senator Elizabeth Warren ~ I Love the Wit and Humor of Mark Stein.

Have a great day all

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