March 25th, 2018

Trump Train Crashes Causing $1,300,000,000,000.00 Worth Of Damage!

The ‘MAGA, Drain The Swamp’ Trump Train was steaming right along there for awhile. Clear up to the point our conductor Donald Trump drove it right the hell off the rails, over the cliff and right into the effin’ swamp!!!

Trump train goes off the rails and over the cliff

Trump Signs $1.3 Trillion Budget Bullsh!t After Threatening Veto

But, rest assured Trumper’s ever and never. After being rode hard and put away wet by both the Libtards and Republicrats or now clearly the Uni-Party, Trump in an epic morning after like walk of shame has vowed he will never ever, not again allow the swamp critters to bend us over and give us the high hard one again.

Trump Says He Will Never Sign Another Spending Bill Like This Again

This my friends is not why I voted for the self professed so called, ‘Master Negotiator’ and non-politician as well as every damn spineless Republican who promised to uphold and enforce the conservative values I believe in.

With their heads so far up their asses I only hope that the this omnibus bill set aside enough money for Trump and the Republicrats to have glass windows installed in the stomachs so they can see where the hell they are going!!!

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