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October 2nd, 2017

Two Things Are Certain With Every Tragic Event

In our civilized society built on a foundation of freedom two things are certain every time a tragedy, this time 58 murdered in Las Vegas happens.

First, even though we pride ourselves on being a civilized society not all card carrying members of our great civilization are civilized and have little regard for humanity. There are far too many among us with a screw or two lose we know little about until many innocent lives are tragically taken from us

Second, like vultures ready to pounce on a maimed gazelle Democrats and their Libtard follower’s will spring into a politically driven euphoria with every tragic national event long before the bodies have grown cold.

Long before any hard facts are known, motives determined or evidence analyzed House Democrats their media mouthpieces and social media Libtard’s are stumble fucking all over one another pushing for immediate increased gun measures.

My heart aches for all the victims and their family members who suffer. I pray that you be blessed with comfort, peace and love during your most trying times.

God Bless