May 1st, 2018

UH OH: No Huggies for Bibi, Iranian Diaper Heads Threaten Israel!!!

UH OH: No Huggies for Bibi, Iranian Diaper Heads Threaten Israel!!! Did the gay killing, goat raping Mullahs’ really think that the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu was going to bend over and spread his ass cheeks apart as easily as Barack Hussein Obama did?

Seems to me that escalating tensions between Iran and Israel wasn’t as much to worry about before Barack Hussein and team Obama financed Irans’ GOD DAMN nuclear program.

Iran is threatening to retaliate against Israel over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dramatic presentation on how the regime hid its nuclear weapons program.

“[T]hey must stop their conspiracies and dangerous behavior, because Iran’s response will be surprising and make them regretful,” Amir Hatami, the Iranian defense minister, said in remarks carried by state-run PressTV…

“The timing of this show by a person who has a record of such acts proves that in addition to the general goals of this regime in pursuing hostility towards the Iranian nation, it also pursues other specific goals, which include following suit with [U.S. President Donald] Trump’s hostile scenario against the Iranian nation,” Hatami said.

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