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June 8th, 2017

Uniformed Marine Barred From His High School Graduation Ceremony

Semper Fi Motha-Fucker!!!

Looks to me like fellow students were for the most part perfectly alright with Marine Jacob Dalton Stanley wearing his dress blues. It was the school administrators and principle who took issue with showing any pride for our uniformed soldiers.

And we wonder why we have a generation of Snowflake Libtards tripping all over themselves looking for Safe Space’s to hide in???

CROWN POINT, Ind. – An Indiana high school student who graduated early, completed his training to become a U.S. Marine, and flew back for graduation this week was banned by school officials from walking across the stage to receive his diploma.

Crown Point High School officials refused to allow graduate Jacob Dalton Stanley to wear his Marine dress blues to the Class of 2017’s graduation ceremony Tuesday at the Star Plaza Theatre.

Stanley wore his uniform anyway, and school officials would not allow him to receive his diploma at the ceremony. His name was listed on the graduation program, but officials did not read his name among the graduates.

Stanley declined to comment about the situation, but issued a statement through the 9th Marine Corps District, Naval Station Great Lakes, according to NBC Chicago.

“I don’t want the social media controversy that is drawing attention away from the Class of 2017,” the statement read. “I also do not want to make any additional statements and wish to put this all behind me so I can start my career in the Marine Corps.”

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  • pmrii

    The refusal of Crown Point, IN high school principal Chris Petit to allow Jacob Stanley to graduate with his class is nothing more than abuse of authority, e.g. bullying. Caps and gowns at are tradition but I bet Stanley knows more about tradition as a marine then Petit. According to Petit, this refusal was about tradition, not policy. It’s about Petit’s power as a principal and not the grace and understanding of a leader. Petit robbed this young patriot of the last experience that he will have with his graduating class.

    In my opinion Petit needs to apologize for his lack of caring and understanding. He needs official reprimanding, and he needs to counseling and/or training on his duties and responsibilities as principal. The NEA outlines those responsibilities and nowhere does it mention that he should bar graduation on dress, for lack of academic achievement yes but tradition, no.

    Phil Rasmussen
    US Army-retired

    • Having completed his academic requirements and Marine Corp boot camp prior to the graduation of his fellow classmates is quite the accomplishment by the young Marine Jacob Stanley . It is a shame that a pin-headed administrator felt the need to hide behind some cap and gown clause to diminish that fact.
      Thank You for your service Phil.