Well Played Mr. President, Well Played
Open Thread (7/9/2018)

I was a Ted Cruz supporter and believe you me was not a happy camper at all with then candidate Donald Trump and his in the gutter campaign tactics. There was no way in hell I was going to cast my vote for the HilLIARy Rotten Clinton so after winning the nomination Donald Trump became my man.

My biggest concern was and is vacancies on the supreme court and filling those vacancies with judges who truly believe in and whose decisions are based on the law of the land, “OUR CONSTITUTION!” As a candidate Donald Trump had put together a list of 25 or 30 judges that if president he would make selections from to fill supreme court openings. For the most part it was one hell of a stellar list of potential judges.

First we got the outstanding judge Neil Gorsuch and of the four in the running to fill Anthony Kennedys vacant seat, three are just as if not more constitutionally inclined than Gorsuch. (Any judge ‘Raymond Kethledge’ endorsed by Mitch The Yurtle McConnell and his fellow RINO’s is automatically disqualified as far as I am concerned). We will know for certain at 9PM tonight who gets the nod and will face the up-coming anal exam the Left-Tards have promised.

Also, Ruth Buzzard Ginsburg isn’t long before retirement or being carried out in a pine box, which ever comes first. I fully expect President Donald Trump will get at least one more opportunity to ensure the supreme court rules by law rather than left bent social justice ideology for generations to come.

Then there is this. Having a Republican president sporting a pair large enough to stand up and take it to the disgruntled propagandists of the Democrat party is nothing short of PURE GOLD!..

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