March 6th, 2018

When One Door Closes…

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry resign

It’s all good, “She’s a Democrat!” I am certain that even though she is only required to pay the Nashville tax payers back $11,000 of the $30,000 or more she used to carry on her torrid affair with former head of security, Sgt. Robert Forrest …

plenty more doors will open for the Democrat Rising Star Megan Berry.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry resigned Tuesday after pleading guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from the city while carrying on an extramarital affair with her bodyguard.

The rising Democratic star had been an extremely popular mayor with an ambitious agenda to transform the city into a major urban center when she stunned residents earlier this year by admitting to the affair. Her downfall was swift and she will be replaced Tuesday by the city’s vice mayor.

In court, Barry didn’t say how she stole money from the city, but an investigation found that she was engaged in her relationship with her bodyguard while on city-paid trips. Authorities also found a nude photo and partially nude photo of a woman that were taken by the phone of her bodyguard, Sgt. Robert Forrest, while he was on duty.

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