When You Are About To Plant A Big Wet One On Adam Schiffs Ass

Alexander Vindman Pucker Up

If I were Commander-in-Chief this clown as of today would be the highest ranking COOK in the Army!

I don’t know LT Col Alexander Vindman, U.S. Army. All I know is that he is on the National Security Council staff and today testified in the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump run by Democrat Chairman Adam Schiff in full secrecy, away from the American people. He has also reported to have served with honor in the Iraq War where he was wounded.

However, he also has his own Wikipedia page, which is bizarre. Someone is promoting his narrative…I have a guess.

LT COL Vindman is also the perfect example of the rot Barack Hussein Obama injected into the U.S. military officer corp.

This man, today in full dress military uniform, paraded in front of the cameras serving the Democrats in full-on insubordination to his commander-in-chief…

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