April 30th, 2018

Why Is Anybody Surprised, It’s Exactly Who They Are!

A very fine last day of April Monday morning to you!

Again I ask, “Why is anybody surprised?” Democrats knew exactly who and what they were getting and dare I say would have left the White House Correspondence Dinner, WHCD very upset with the foul mouthed Michelle Wolf if she had not given the speech she had.

After all, we are talking about one of the same in the entertainment class of Liberal F*cktards as the misogynistic Jimmy Kimmel who in his shady past routinely used women as sexual objects to get a laugh. Having seen the error in his ways he now directs his comedic ire to belittle only one lady, the first, Melania Trump.

Then there is the extremely white Stephen Colbert who when not humorously giving Nazi Salutes to the current President and his administration uses an entire opening monologue in an attempt to assemble a Democratic lynch mob to go after one of their escaped slaves, Kunta Kanye Kinte.

Then there is this…

Liberal F*cktards Congratulate Michelle Wolf

Seriously, does anybody really believe the Leftards are truly upset with one of their own?

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