March 13th, 2018

Working For Those Mexicalico Votes

A Mexican presidential hopeful campaigning in Mexicalico should tell most right minded American’s all you need to know about what and who California Libtard Democrats stand for.

There is a reason Mexican presidential hopeful Ricardo Anaya feels a need to campaign in California and for those who can’t see it, you might just be a f*cken’ Libtard Democrat.

Or, quite possibly the Mayor of Oakland!

The San Diego Union Tribune: A presidential hopeful visited California earlier this month to slam President Donald Trump, assure immigrants he stood by them and meet with leaders like University of California President Janet Napolitano.

That presidential hopeful is running for high office in Mexico — not the U.S.

The visit by Ricardo Anaya, 39, to California has raised eyebrows in the U.S. where it is rare to see presidential candidates from a foreign country engaging in campaign activities with Americans.

Anaya is running for president in Mexico under a political coalition called For Mexico in Front, or FMF. His opponents are Andres Lopez Obrador, of the left-leaning MORENA party, and Jose Antonio Meade from the current ruling party, PRI.

The election in Mexico is set for July 1.

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