WTF!!“WTF!” Five days since my last post?

Things have been a little crazy here at the BPU Compound since the past weekend. My middle Son, “he demands I address him as my favorite” Daughter-In-Law, two dogs and cat took solace behind the illegal alien proof walls of the BPU Compound. (Same wall as Nancy Palsy’s residence sans the mote!)

The house they were currently renting is up for repossession due to the Landlords failure to pay his taxes so the boy decided to get out while the gettin’’ was good. That and it will give them some time to swell their bank account with the hopes of purchasing their own home in a few months. “So we hope!”

I would be exaggerating if I said the transition was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. There are and will continue to be a few issues to work through. Me being me and suddenly having my daily routine interrupted could just be the bigger problem.

Even though I now only get a half of a Bubba Mug of coffee in the morning before having to reload the Mr. Coffee maker then tripping over 3 dogs and 3 cats while stumbling my way to the MAN CAVE ,.. “we do what we do for our family, Right?”

Today we here in ‘God’s Country’ were colder than a Titches Witty! I thank the Good Lord for the warmth of my lovely Bride, my chillen’s, my family and friends. And, the love we have for one another.

GOD Bless and be warm

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