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October 7th, 2017

Yeah, Lets Do Something Chuck!

There is absolutely No Doubt in my mind that Chuck Schumer has no ability WHAT-SO-EVER to communicate with our dearly departed victims of the Las Vegas massacre.


when a DUMBASS Politician and hypocrite the likes of Chuck Schumer attempts to convince everyone that he has some open channel of enlightenment to the thoughts and wishes of those selectively murdered well, maybe it’s time to send Chuck Schumer to the ‘Sh!t Hole’ of politicians past?

And, PLEASE take Nancy ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ Pelosi with you Chuck!

(BREITBART) — In a speech from the Senate Floor on Thursday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) suggested that if the dead could talk they would urge President Trump to break with the NRA.

Schumer referenced inaction on gun control in his exhortation, saying, “[Those people] who were killed and are now in heaven, they would say, ‘do something.’ They wouldn’t say, ‘Let’ wait.’”

He added, “President Trump, are you going to wait to hear what the NRA says first?”

Schumer’s comments on Trump and the NRA come in the same week that Hillary Clinton blamed the Vegas attack on the NRA, tweeting: