Bernie Sanders Is Throwing A Party…

Bernie Sanders Communist Party Poster

and the Democrats are not very happy about it?

After winning Iowa, (For the most part) New Hampshire and his blowout in the Nevada Caucuses Bernie Sanders has all the momentum going into the 14 state SUPER TUESDAY on March 3rd.

I am not sure why the Democrats and their media mouthpieces are so pissed off. Comrade Bernie Sanders is actually voicing to the masses policy that Democrats support albeit might prefer be kept on the down-lo.

The Democrat party is Bernie Sanders as he is the Democrat party. Bernie Sanders just happens to be out of the closet (Not to be confused with Pete ‘The Peter-Puffer’ Buttigieg) making it perfectly clear what Democrats prefer be accomplished in secret, under the cover of darkness with as little resistance as possible from the American people.

“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” — Nancy Pelosi, Affordable Care Act 2010

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Rise and Shine Shark Bait, It’ Monday!..


I was down most of the day yesterday with back pain (Multiple surgeries and half my lower spine made of steel) I actually feel pretty good this fine Monday and for the most part pain free. Then again, it’s only 6AM with a whole day ahead of me.

On the 1-10 pain scale, a 1 being a minimal amount of pain and a 10 being you should probably be in the hospital, I live life with a daily level of pain between 2 and 3. (This morning a 1-2) After the day I had yesterday (4-5, 5-6) I have a much better outlook.

I use to use Vicodin and Oxycodone for pain management. Even though my urinalysis samples and not needing my 30 day prescription re-filled but every 90-120 days proved I was not an abuser, Uncle Scam and the VA pulled those medications from me and will no longer prescribe. People like me who really do suffer from pain and used those medications responsibly were also caught up in the great purge to rid the world of effective pain medication.

I know why the over-reaction from top down and do not wish to make this a discussion as to the reasons or what for.

What I am interested in and have yet to do my research is CBD Oil and Products.

I have heard and read some that CBD is an effective tool for pain management? Are any of you users of CBD Products and what information and or advice would you have for me or anyone else interested in giving it a try?

Have yourselves a Great Monday and even better week.