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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Day By Day

I just do what I do and I do it Day by day by day by day ...

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Monday, December 4, 2023

Back To Business As Usual

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Now that the House Republican's have finished with the ever pressing expulsion of one of their own George Santos, they can once again get back to the serious issues like once again inserting their thumbs back up your ass's and doing absolutely nothing.

As they get back to conducting the people's business this fine Monday, please be careful Republican's,

I would hate to see any of you trip over one another in your attempts to be the first to get your mug in front of a camera to piss, moan and complain about everything you refuse to do anything about.

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Have a Great Monday Everyone.


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Friday, December 1, 2023

Not Your Mamma's Country Music

Colt Ford
John Michael Montgomery
Ronnie Dunn
Joe Diffie

Ride Through The Country

I gave up on Country Music when Nashville decided country music was more about the looks and showmanship of every 16 to 20 year old Twinkie and Twinkette rather than the content of the music.

That being said, when I first heard Colt Ford country rapping Ride Through The Country, I thought to myself, ‘The Long Gone Country Legends of yesteryear must be rolling over in their graves.’

Not sure when or why but eventually I did pay closer attention to the lyrics.

Good Country Music has always revolved around a relatable story with meaningful lyrics that capture the experiences or emotion of those who have or can imagine being a part of the story unfolding in song.

I still can't stand Rap Crap or Shit Hop but, I think Colt Ford and Friends did a fine job combining traditional country story telling in a musically backed Rap format.

And, I made sure my neighbors enjoyed it as well.


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Monday, November 27, 2023

Tis The Season

Now It's Time to get on with our Christmas Celebration ...

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday, was able to take a little time away from the daily grind and gratefully recognized the many reasons in your lives to be truly thankful.

Here at th BPU Compound we have grown accustomed around the holidays to working our family gatherings around our kids and our Grandchildren's schedules. So far we had Thanksgiving #1 at our Sons house on Thursday. Thanksgiving #2 here at the BPU compound on Saturday and Thanksgiving #3/Christmas planned in a couple weeks at our Army Sergeant Sons home in Kentucky.

My two older boys are planning a turkey Smoke-Off and I am thinking of staying out of that battle and smoking a ham instead.

It’s Monday, there is a light dusting of snow on the rooftops, we are topped out at a freezing 31 degrees and I have a big box of Christmas lights sitting here that the Wifely Unit is waiting for me to string up on the house.

Have a Great Day and a very festive week.

To all you Christian Hating Godless Left-Tard Democrat's,
'Merry Christmas!'

"At least GOD still loves you"


God Loves You

* * *

Tone Deaf or Completely Stupid Illegidiot First Lady Jill Biden Proudly Presents This Years White House Christmas Theme Decor,
‘Embrace Your Inner Child’

“In this season of reflection and goodwill, we hope you will embrace your inner child and delight in simply being present with those you love."

The Pedophile Joe Biden - Embrace Your Inner Child

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Had A Dream

Had a dream it was war, and they couldn't tell me what it was for
But it was something they could lie about, something we could die about,
you know ...

Roger Hodgson - (Sleeping With The Enemy)

Every time the Wifely Unit wheels her lovely behind out to the Man Cave she accuses me of hoarding.

That would be Hoarding with an H not a W mind you.

Last Sunday during the DeTwa Lions game while looking around the BPU Man Cave I decided to start doing a little re-organization so that I could park the family truckster back in the garage before our first snowfall.

I can’t stand having to bundle up so I can go out and warm the vehicle while clearing snow when I have plenty of room to park her in the heated garage.

Three days later and numerous boxes loaded with useless shit I have clearly been hoarding over the years ready to go to the landfill, I finally got the truckster in the garage last night.

I will never admit it to my Lovely Bride but, ...

‘Hello, My Name Is Randall and I Am a Hoarder-aholic”

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Thanksgiving-Eve.


The Barley Pop Man Cave

* * *

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Saturday, November 18, 2023

Simple Man

Lord, I'm a Simple Man
Ain't too much I need
I ain't asking for all of your love
Give me what you can and set me free ...

According to the thermostat on the wall it is a chilly 27 degrees outside and a balmy 62 here in the man cave this fine Saturday morning.

My thermal Monster Mug is loaded with coffee, I notched the heat up a tick or two here in the garage and when the sun makes it’s appearance and warms things up, I will get the dog out for a good long walk.

With my back issues this last week Kodi missed out on his daily squirrel chasing excursions through the neighborhood.

Kodiac the Barley Pop Pup

I hope everyone, except the brain dead Left-Tarded Tik-Toking Gen-Zers now in love with renowned terrorist Osama Bin Laden have a fantastic Saturday.


* * *

Why bin Laden’s letter went viral on social media
NatSec Daily didn’t wake up this morning expecting to think about Gen Z, TikTok and OSAMA BIN LADEN, but the reemergence of the 9/11 orchestrator’s “Letter to America” on social media has made them all impossible to ignore. There were nearly 300 videos on TikTok of people suggesting the al-Qaeda leader’s writing gave them a new perspective on U.S. foreign policy, namely America’s staunch support for Israel. Bin Laden cited that, and Palestinian suffering, among his reasons to justify killing nearly 3,000 people in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Shanksville, Pa. Full Story [Here] ...

* * *

The Far Side by Gary Larson

I became a fan of The Far Side by Gary Larson during my time in the Air Force while stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan in the early 80's.

His toons were always a must see highlight in the Stars and Stripes newspaper.

* * *

Big News Yesterday!!!

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson finally accomplished what Dipshit Kevin McCarthy only promised he would do.

The J6 tapes have finally been released for ALL to see.

You know it is BIG when all the right people associated with the Left-Tarded media are losing their minds over this.

It’s almost like just maybe we all might see for ourselves that the so called Insurrection doesn’t quite live up to the smoke they have blown up our ass’s for the past three years?

CHA Subcommittee Reading Room

Some Saturday Linkage ...

Massachusetts hospital may have been exposed 450 patients to AIDs and Hepatitis ...
As Enlistment Tanks ARMY Now Begging for the Unvaccinated they Kicked Out to come back ...
Teleprompter Kicks Bidens Ass Again: Numb-nuts Stares Blankly before giving up [VIDEO] ...
Three in Four Palestinian's Love Them Some Hamas Terrorism ...
ASU tells Terrorist Loving Rashida Tlaib to Pound Sand [VIDEO] ...
The Feral Irishman Did Not Dissapoint with Friday Femme Fatale Farago ...
CROWDER x BONGINO: Nashville Manifesto Petition Launch & Dylan Mulvaney EXCLUSIVE! [VIDEO] ...
Minnesota/Michigan and now Colorado Rejects 14th Amendment Challenge to keep Donald Trump Off the Ballot ...
CNN Suffers a Severe Case of Butt Hurt as another attempt at Trump fails [VIDEO] ...
Armed Robbers Had Guns Pointed at His Chest, Then He Shot Back, Now California is Punishing Him [VIDEO] ...
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Friday, November 17, 2023

Just Another Day

Ronnie James DIO, The Littlest Big Man of Metal ...

It has been one hell of a week past here at BPU Compound and I for one am happy it is over.

Last Friday while lifting a few things out of the family truckster my back decided to take a shit.

Having had three surgeries in the past to fuse my spine resulting in rods, plates and six screws installed just above my butt crack to about half way up the spine, I tend to get a little nervous when the pain level exceeds what I am use to living with.

Just my luck, while out of commission attempting to get the pain under control I was hit with the cold bug. Every fucking sneeze felt like a dagger being run through my lower back pegging the meter between 6 and 8 on the 1 -10 pain scale.

Anyway, here we are a week later and the level of pain in my lower back is again at a manageable level, the cold is almost kicked and once again, I am at full speed coming out of turn four heading for the checkered flag ...

Checkered Flag

I hope everyone, except the Communist Terrorist Loving Democrat’s who are currently destroying America have a Great Friday and even better Weekend.


* * *

Big News Today!!!

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson finally accomplished what Dipshit Kevin McCarthy only promised he would do.

The J6 tapes have finally been released for ALL to see.

Knock Your Socks Off ...

CHA Subcommittee Reading Room

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