Karma Can Be A Bitch!

It’s Looking like a Fantastic Sunday All, Alec Baldwin Hasn’t Shot and Killed Anyone Yet.

But, the day is still young...

Alec Baldwin

The Illegidiot Joe Biden's Illegal Immigration Invasion 2.0

1.5 MILLION Illegals reportedly have already invaded the country in the short time the Illegidiot Joe Biden has pretended to be President as Illegal Invasion force 2.0 heads north through Mexico.

It’s a good thing Southwest is flying again (Weather Permitting of course) to help relocate them all to cities throughout the United States,..

during the middle of the night

under the cover of darkness

without any advance notice

As If We Needed More Proof the Good Dr. Fauci Is a Lying Sadistic ‘Sack of Shit’!

After being caught red handed F**k’n’ Fauci was in fact lying about funding ‘Gain of Function’ research at the Wuhan lab, you know that Bio-Warfare factory in China where viruses are created to test the antidotes developed for treating viruses yet developed comes this sick shit. (Click Image for Full Story)

The Hill

Keep in mind, if F**k'n' Fauci were funding new and improved Abortion techniques and proceedures there would be no outrage.

Have a Wonderful Sunday, Keep the Faith and GOD Blesss.


Randalls Barley Pop University

Randalls Barley Pop University

Randalls Barley Pop University

Randalls Barley Pop University Rule5

Randalls Barley Pop University



Randalls Barley Pop University Rule5


Randalls Barley Pop University Fuck Biden