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Friday, November 17, 2023

Just Another Day

Ronnie James DIO, The Littlest Big Man of Metal ...

It has been one hell of a week past here at BPU Compound and I for one am happy it is over.

Last Friday while lifting a few things out of the family truckster my back decided to take a shit.

Having had three surgeries in the past to fuse my spine resulting in rods, plates and six screws installed just above my butt crack to about half way up the spine, I tend to get a little nervous when the pain level exceeds what I am use to living with.

Just my luck, while out of commission attempting to get the pain under control I was hit with the cold bug. Every fucking sneeze felt like a dagger being run through my lower back pegging the meter between 6 and 8 on the 1 -10 pain scale.

Anyway, here we are a week later and the level of pain in my lower back is again at a manageable level, the cold is almost kicked and once again, I am at full speed coming out of turn four heading for the checkered flag ...

Checkered Flag

I hope everyone, except the Communist Terrorist Loving Democrat’s who are currently destroying America have a Great Friday and even better Weekend.


* * *

Big News Today!!!

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson finally accomplished what Dipshit Kevin McCarthy only promised he would do.

The J6 tapes have finally been released for ALL to see.

Knock Your Socks Off ...

CHA Subcommittee Reading Room

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