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Finally got out and did some fishing for the first time this Spring.

My Son and I hit the lake yesterday afternoon at about 3PM.

Using red and white, black and white DareDevil's the Northern Pike were aggressive as Hell.

My Son took eight with six in the boat including the biggest catch while I settled on four, three in the boat.

Teach your children to fish when they are young and they will grow up to show you up every time!

This same time last year we were already in our T-shirt’s and short drawers enjoying the sun while out fishing.

With temperatures in the mid 50’s and the wind gusting at 20 knots obviously the repercussions of manmade climate (Global Warming) change are having some pretty drastic effects this year.

RandallsBPU Northern Pike Fishing
Monday | 5/2/2022 | Randall@randallsbpu.com
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