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Monday | May 22, 2023 | randall@randallsbpu.com | Comments

Mists Of Time

AC/DC - Through The Mists Of Time

AC/DC - Through The Mists Of Time

With spring in full sprung the Wifey and I have been busting our butt's on outdoor clean up and home beautification projects.

Of course, every home improvement project the Wifey has planned requires a tightly supervised labor force of one (ME) to work the project through to completion.

Needless to say, I have been busier than a Cross Eyed Air Traffic Controller here at Casa de BPU!

Even though we've already gotten a lot accomplished I have been informed that we still have muLch to do. (See what I did there?)

Have a Great Monday and even Better Week...

We Are Winning This One!

Transheuser-Butch didn't expect Conservatives to finally pull their heads out their ass's and figure out how to fight and win the boycott game?

It Gets Even Worse for Bud Light Parent AB InBev with this recent Uncovered Video ...

There's No Longer Place At Transheuser-Butch for White Male Employee's.

Transvestitite Influencers Can’t Find Work After Dylan Mulvaney 'Shit-Canned' Bud Light ...

'et tu Ford'
Dodge and Chevy owners always knew Ford was GAY!

WOKE ALERT!: Eight more companies to boycott for their war against biological women ...

Term Limits Anyone: Brain Dead 'Prune' DiFi Doesn't Realize She Has missed Time Away from the Senate ...

Dianne Fienstien can join the other Brain Dead Democrats Joe Biden and John Fetterman for pudding day in the congressional cafeteria.

FBI Whistleblower Hearing In One Awesome Writeup ...

CNN Blowing Smoke Up Libtard Ass’s Again: 'Self Described' FBI Whistleblowers are key to Republican Narrative ...

Of course a Whistleblower should only be given Whistleblower status and taken seriously if information provided is beneficial to the Socialist/Communist Libtards. Can you spell V-I-N-D-M-A-N?

Former DOE official arrested for third time for allegedly stealing luggage at airport ...

20-Yr Disney Employee, Father-of-Two, Arrested On Child Porn Charges After Photos of Children Under 10 Having Sex With Adult Men Were Found On His Computer ...

Jill (Call Me Doctor) Biden looks to be a tad perturbed as the U-Penn crowd welcomes the Illegidiot President with the ever popular FJB chant ...

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