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Friday | January 13, 2023

From The Not So Way Back Machine

More Biden stolen classified information found


How about you tell us once again Numb-Nut’s, “How Can Anyone Be That Irresponsible?”

Just another day in ‘Beijing Biden’s’ world and of course another stash of stolen Classified documents found ... this time in his damn garage ... in boxes next to his 1967 Classic Corvette Convertible.

In defense of the Illegidiot, “It was Locked!” ... Still uncertain if the ‘Dumbest Man In D.C.’ meant his garage or top down Corvette?

It’s kinda like being sacked for a two point safety then standing up and spiking the football because you are in the end-zone?

From the NOT so way back machine ...

Randalls BPU

Last Wednesday night after returning home from a VFW Post meeting my Lovely Bride and I were sitting in the BPU Man-Cave shooting the sh!t when she asked me what was going in with the Illegidiot Joe Biden and the classified documents.

After giving her the condensed version of the current goings on I told her that… as word has come out a week ago that Beijing Biden is again running for resident in 2024, I have a sneaky suspicion that the Demorat ‘Powers That Be’ have decided to rid themselves of this brainless idiot.

The BIG Question is … Who is calling the shots here and who is it that would replace Numbnut’s?

And, here we go … Now a third round of Classified information found.

Friday | January 13, 2023 | email:randall@randallsbpu.com
Numbnut's Joe Biden
Numbnut's Joe Biden
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