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Wednesday | January 18, 2023

Republican's Pounce Again

Newsweek is suffering a Bad case of the Sad’s as there boy the Illegidiot Joe Biden has once again become the Victim of online Ridicule and Mockery.

Newsweek Twitter

In other words, there is a whole lotta Republican Pouncing going on.

Not wanting to miss my opportunity to Mock Numb-nuts ... of course I had to pounce.

Anyone who listens to Dan Bongino knows what I am referencing when I say ... Pounce

Go to your favorite search engine and plug in, 'Republicans Pounce' then be prepared to Laugh Your Ass Off.

The Left-Tarded media loves to make every Biden screw up and Demorat disaster about the reaction of the Republicrat’s and never about the real issue.

Randalls BPU

Russian-British satirist, podcaster, author and political commentator, Konstantin Kisin hits it out of the park.

If you listen to just one thing today, let it be this ... AWESOME!

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Wednesday | January 18, 2023 | email:randall@randallsbpu.com
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