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Monday | January 23, 2023

More Classified Documents Found ...

Alec Baldwin Charged with Manslaughter

Another Monday and of course more of Biden’s stolen classified documents were found. Obviously the Illegidiot President and kleptomaniac has stolen just about every damn piece of paper he could get his hands on both as a Senator and the Vice President.

The pretend doctor and first lady Jill Biden is pretty pissed off. She is demanding that the FBI immediately rummage through her underwear and unmentionables just as they did Melania Trump during their Bullsh!t raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Thinking a bit outside the box here, I am beginning to wonder just what legally declassified information the FBI found that President Donald Trump had in his possession? Could the DECLASSIFIED documents in Trumps possession have held damning information implicating the Biden Crime Syndicate and what we are witnessing now is a Deep State FBI led ‘Hurry Up and Make It Go Away’ Mop Up operation?

Or ... as most believe is this really a pre-planned Demorat strategy to rid themselves of a liability prior to the 2024 Presidential election?   More Here ...

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