Liberalism Is A Mental Disease

LMFAO! So Now The Lib-Tard's Do Believe In Deportation?..

First it was the Grouper look-a-like and about as many brains, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who was quick to deport the Illegal Aliens bused into her city from Texas to surrounding Illinois suburbs.

Not to be outdone the Hoity Snobs of Martha’s Vineyard also pegged the needle to 11 on the scale of Hypocrisy when they loaded up the 50 Illegals flown into their Toity Lib-Tard community from Florida on busses and quickly shipped their asses the Fuck out!

Let’s not forget, the Ass-Hats in New York who requested the assistance of the National Guard, ‘TWICE’ for help as bus loads of Illegal's arrived in their fair city from our Secure southern border.

You would think that these ‘Holier Than Thou’ compassionate leaders of proudly proclaimed 'Sanctuary City’s', when not tripping all over themselves being the first to get to a microphone espousing the horrors of those racist, anti-diversity Republican governors of Texas and Florida … well, would be leading a welcome committee greeting their bus loads of displaced migrants with stacks of Starbucks gift certificates, hotel vouchers, directions to the nearest Planned Parenthood and voter registration applications?

These virtue signaling Lib-Tard Assholes are nothing but wind bags full hot air. They talk the talk but never walk the walk. The problems in this country are always the fault of those who refuse to blindly follow, demand accountability or, who actually stand up and lead.

Do-in' my best Forrest Gump impersonation, “and that’s all I got to say about thaaat”

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