Where The Hell Did Summer Go?..

Wednesday and we are off and running, to the coffee pot and back at the moment.

Once thoroughly lubricated running will take on a completely different priority of course.

Going through the emails this morning and was surprised to have received one from a BPU visitor concerned as to my where-abouts as of late and my lack of participation on the BPU website.

Other than an extremely busy summer here at the BPU Compound, all is well.

Grandma-ma and I watch our Grandson (Almost two years old now) three days a week.

The entire month of July we had our Son and his Lovely and very pregnant (Grandbaby #5) Bride and Grandson living with us while they were waiting on their new house to become available.

Our oldest Army Sgt. Son, his Lovely Bride and our Grandchildren paid us a two week visit.

Multiple projects on the house have already been completed this summer as the kitchen is currently under destruction awaiting new Quartz counter tops. They are coming today to take measurements.

I have also taken on increased responsibility and participation at the VFW since June past.

"I haven't even made it out fishing but twice this summer" ...

Busy, Busy ... Busy!

‘Cheers’ to ya-all, Thanks for checking in on me and Enjoy your last official day of summer.

Randalls BPU

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