Bartenders Lives Matter

A very fine Tuesday to you all.

98 days to go before the eradication of the Chinese Kung-Flu virus. The American worker will be released from lock down, businesses will again re-open and the Teachers Union will give their blessing allowing once again Chillens’ everywhere to return to the in class school environment.

I took yesterday morning to handle a little business with estimates and a possible homeowners insurance claim after attempting to back through my overhead garage door with the back lid of the BPU Family Truckster in the full and upright position Sunday night.

I assure you all, and my Lovely Bride that the mass quantities of consumed Barley Pops had absolutely nothing to do with it.

The door has been bent back into shape, rollers reattached, brackets all secured and working again. I will eventually have to replace the overhead and the price tag comes in just shy of my deductible so no need to file the claim.

One of Randalls more expensive screw ups!

“It hurts a little less pinning the blame on me when referring to myself in the third person.”

* * *

Last night was Night 61 of the Mythical violent mostly peaceful Portland riots. Just ask Nadless Nadler…

* * *

Hmmm, Do you thing the BLM anarchist’s and Stephon Tuitts teammates will show him the same respect for his stance as they expect from us supporting their taking a knee?

RandallsBPU Capture3imageKeep Reading…

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:WARNING: Some pretty strong language so use discretion…

NYP: AOC slams Rep. Ted Yoho on House floor for denying he called her ‘f—ing bitch’…

Be positive, stay strong and don’t let the current clown parade ruin your day.


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