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The Views, News and usually Beer induced smarcastic opinions from a silly ole Freedom Loving U.S. Air Force Desert Storm Veteran.

Send Up The Prayers and Keep The Faith

Send Up The Prayers and Keep The Faith

Unless you were just rescued from a deserted island, By now you have heard that President Trump and Our lovely First Lady have both contracted the Kung-Flu Chinese Virus. Although experiencing some symptoms related to the virus both seem to doing quite well considering as for now.

For the most part Democrats including Joe Biden have been very cordial with their concern and well wishes.

The rest of the pundits, prognosticators and keyboard commando’s have been total Douche Bags and ya-all can F**k Off!

What a Damn Dumpster Fire

What a Damn Dumpster Fire

Debate Dumpster Fire

I fully expected the debate to be a tad contentious but Holy Smokes!

Even though it was clearly obvious that President Donald Trump got under Basement Joe Biden’s thin skin Trump didn’t do much to help himself by not giving Biden enough time to stick his foot in his mouth with an answer to the questions.

Albeit, permitting the debate moderator Chris Wallace wouldn’t have jumped in to rescue Biden as he did a number of times during the night.

From the get go Trumps strategy was obvious, to rattle Biden’s cage. It didn’t take to long to see it was working as Joe Biden soon resorted to frustration induced slanderous name calling. And, while Chris Wallace was quick to reign in Donald Trump, he never stepped in one time to scold Biden for his personal attacks directed at Trump.

That being said, I doubt anyone had their mind changed last night. Trump supporters are still with Trump and Biden supporters are still all in for Sleepy Joe. Personally I believe that if there is any post-debate damage control to be accomplished this day after it would have to be Team Biden doing the mop up.

If Biden so clearly won the debate last night why are Democrats and their ministry of propaganda and dis-information calling for an end to any further debates?

What say you?