Democrats On The WRONG Side Again – Tens of Thousands Protesting In Iran… (Mullah’s Scared Sh!tless)

Not even the Iranian students and citizens currently protesting loved their General Terrorist Kazzam Soleimani or The Regime as much as our Democrats do.

Doing a little more look-see it seems the Scared Sh!tless regime has begun to step up their efforts in putting the mass protests down…

From the National Council of Resistance in Iran: A Large number of people have joined the demonstration by the students at Amir Kabir University, which has spilled over surrounding streets. Thousands of people gathered in Hafez Street and areas around it, chanting, “Death to the dictator,” “Death to liars,” “Have no fear, we are all together,” Death to this murderous regime,” “Don’t call us seditionist, you are the sedition, you the oppressor,” “Death to this theocracy, for crimes in all these years,” “We did not give our lives to compromise and praise the murderous leader,” “Shame, shame to Khamenei,” “don’t call me seditionist, you are the sedition, oppressor,” “1,500 killed in November,” and “Soleimani is a murder, his leader is also a murderer.”

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