Monday 2020 – Keep Calm and Trump On…

A very Happy Monday to you and yours! The long holiday break is over and I hope you all had a most blessed and meaningful Christmas/New Year.

My holiday truly was the best I have had in years as all my grown children, Daughter’s-in law and my Grand-babies were all together here at the BPU Compound. Just what this old man needed to be reminded of the importance of family and how blessed I really am.

Before I get wound up and start pitching the first fast balls of the 2020 season let me say:

I have never been more thoroughly disgusted with and have grown completely tired of the Democrats and their continued harassment of the President. Anyone who believes there is any possible chance that partisanship can be put aside and that Democrats and Republicans can work together for the good of our great nation seriously needs to pull your head out of the sand.

In the past working together has always required Republicans appease and or cave into one sided Democrat demands. Until President Trump was elected, Republicans became the masters at selling out their character, commitment and ideology to Democrats in the name of working together. A team is only as good as their leader and it is refreshing to see Republicans (Some sooner than others) finally grow a pair and recognize Trump as a leader worth following.

It is no secret to any of you who visit my lil’ ole BPU blog that I am and have been a supporter of President Trump. This year as we head into the 2020 election my support will be more fervently and frequently than this past year. I cannot in good conscience sit idly behind this keyboard pretending all is just Hunky Dory while watching the Democrats step up their misguided destruction of my country because of their pure unadulterated blind hatred of President Donald Trump.

This is the year we could take the Democrats out making them permanent back benchers for years to come. Not like Democrat sponsored and supported ANTIFA but at the ballot box. Do not ever think your vote doesn’t count or the odds are insurmountable.

We did it in 2016, we can do it again in 2020.

Have a GREAT day and even better week.

keep calm and trump on

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