Randalls BPU 7/1/2020 – Vacation Update

Randalls BPU

Good Morning and a quick Hello from hot and humid (sweltering to say the least) Fayetteville, North Carolina!

Loaded up the BPU Family Truckster and pushed out of Michigan last Sunday morning. 750 miles exactly driveway to driveway later we finally were able to wrap our arms around the GrandChillen’s.

My Army Sgt. Son was suppose to do a recertification jump today and there for a bit I thought I was going to be able attend. A paperwork SNAFU prevented that from happening. As a tax paying citizen I have requested a meeting with the General to express my displeasure. I still haven’t heard anything as of yet.

We are officially half way through this Twilight Zone of a 2020. I hope everyone is Healthy, Happy and never discouraged. Do not let the Rampaging Animals get you down. Five months from now your votes can and will make a big difference in reclaiming law, order and respect back from the Democrat’s and their progressive militants of BLM and ANTIFA hell bent on destroying our country.

‘We The People’ still have that power.

Keep up the good fight and,