Dingbat Nancy Pelosi Moves To Protect Iranian Terrorist’s From Donald Trump…

Completely out of her F*cking mind and pissed off because Donald Trump didn’t notify her prior to his order to exterminate the Iranian number one Gen. terrorist Qassem Soleimani, Nancy Pelosi in a TDS induced fit is now taking measures to tie the Presidents hands when it comes to any further actions against Iran.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced overnight that she plans on taking measures to potentially curb President Trump’s ability to conduct military operations against Iran.

Pelosi and other Democrats have been critical of Trump’s decision to conduct an airstrike in Iraq that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force, claiming he did not properly notify Congress in advance and warning about the risk of escalation in the region. Trump has also threatened additional action if Iran retaliates for Soleimani’s death…

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Monday 2020 – Keep Calm and Trump On…

A very Happy Monday to you and yours! The long holiday break is over and I hope you all had a most blessed and meaningful Christmas/New Year.

My holiday truly was the best I have had in years as all my grown children, Daughter’s-in law and my Grand-babies were all together here at the BPU Compound. Just what this old man needed to be reminded of the importance of family and how blessed I really am.

Before I get wound up and start pitching the first fast balls of the 2020 season let me say:

I have never been more thoroughly disgusted with and have grown completely tired of the Democrats and their continued harassment of the President. Anyone who believes there is any possible chance that partisanship can be put aside and that Democrats and Republicans can work together for the good of our great nation seriously needs to pull your head out of the sand.

In the past working together has always required Republicans appease and or cave into one sided Democrat demands. Until President Trump was elected, Republicans became the masters at selling out their character, commitment and ideology to Democrats in the name of working together. A team is only as good as their leader and it is refreshing to see Republicans (Some sooner than others) finally grow a pair and recognize Trump as a leader worth following.

It is no secret to any of you who visit my lil’ ole BPU blog that I am and have been a supporter of President Trump. This year as we head into the 2020 election my support will be more fervently and frequently than this past year. I cannot in good conscience sit idly behind this keyboard pretending all is just Hunky Dory while watching the Democrats step up their misguided destruction of my country because of their pure unadulterated blind hatred of President Donald Trump.

This is the year we could take the Democrats out making them permanent back benchers for years to come. Not like Democrat sponsored and supported ANTIFA but at the ballot box. Do not ever think your vote doesn’t count or the odds are insurmountable.

We did it in 2016, we can do it again in 2020.

Have a GREAT day and even better week.

keep calm and trump on

Trump Deranged Left-Tards Suffering The Sads Over Exterminated Iranian Terrorist…

The only thing in common with Barack Hussein/Biden/Clinton’s Benghazi that ended tragically with no help being sent resulting in the death of four American’s was Iran’s number one Jihadist and Death To America instigator Qassem Soleimani. Ya see, he had his hands all over the attack on the Benghazi councilate just as he did in Baghdad.

As of this post I am sure they are still scraping pieces of this POS’s ass off the wall that surrounds the Baghdad airport where he and his reception party became intimately acquainted with a PRESIDENT TRUMP directed U.S. drone.

Trump deranged Left-Tards and their compliant bottom feeders in the Fake News media continue to express their outrage over a blown up dead terrorist directly responsible for the death of hundreds of Americans and thousands of Mooslims in the 40 plus years Iran has been waging a war against the United States.

Trump - Now For My Next Act...

Pretty bold coming from the Idiot who was part of the administration responsible for pallets of cash dropped on a dark Iranian runway…

Der Kommissar…

Der Kommissar Part two…

This Crazy Coont has to pre-qualify her statement with what a murderous reprobate ‘Death To America’ Qassem Soleimani is before explaining why a murderous reprobate shouldn’t have been removed from the face of this earth…

Drunk Nancy Palsi is trying to figure out how she can incorporate the extermination of ‘Death To America’ Qassem Soleimani into her articles of impeachment against Trump…

I am surprised this Jooo hating adulteress Minnesota Mooslim hasn’t exploded a dynamite laden vest in the halls of congress yet?..

Then there is this Hollywierd jewel Rose McGowen who begs, pleads, everything short of offering Blow-Jobs to any Iranian Terrorist regime leader who would rescue her from the tyranny she suffers under President Trump…

IRAN - Not Fast Enough

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Happy Trump 2020
Thanks to drunk Nancy Palsi, Adam Schiff-for-Brains, Fat Bastard Jerry Nadler, The Squad and like minded Lib-Tard Democrats,..

TRUMP 2020 is going to be a GREAT year!


Yes Randall, There Really Is A Santa Claus …

I hope everyone had a Wonderful and most Blessed Christmas. We here at the RandallsBPU Compound (My Lovely Bride and I) spent one of the best Holiday celebrations we have had in some time with our entire brood including our Grandchildren.

My soon to be E-7 Army Sergeant Son (Waiting for his line number to come up) recently home from his 4th tour (3rd in Afghanistan), My lovely Daughter-in-Law and our three Grandchildren drove up from North Carolina joining his two Brothers and Sister making my entire family complete during the Holiday for the first time in years.

Having my young Grandchildren in the house who still believe in the Magic of Christmas well, let’s just say that Grandpa is once again a true believer in Santa Claus …

And, all that is and can be good in this world.
RandallsBPU Santa Claus

Merry Impeachment: They’re Not After Me They’re After You I’m Just In The Way…

The democrat’s phony impeachment of President Donald Trump was said to be so sad and solemn that all the Left-Tard Bint’s led by Nancy Palsi felt the need to dress in black or dark colors.

Then, during the announcement of the first article of impeachment against Donald Trump America got to see for themselves just how sad and solemn the impeachment process really is to house democrats… (STOP!!! DON’T YOU DARE!)

They're Not After Me They're After You

Greta Thunburg ~ The Current Doomsayer of Planetary Disaster…

For generations now the worlds public and agenda driven school systems have been instructed to pump this apocalyptic BullSh!t into our most vulnerable minds.

To the point we now celebrate a little girl, Greta Thunburg who suffers mental and social issues only to be used by Enviro-Tyrants (Under the supervision of her parents) who have denied Greta any opportunity to live her life as a happy fun-loving young girl…

only to promote their One World Order, Global Socialist cause.

Greta Thunburg

President Trump Winning Bigly During Democrat Shampeachment

President Trump Winning Bigly
While Democrats and their sycophants in the MSM are consumed with Shampeachment President Trump just had one of his best weeks ever continuing to shore up his 2020 re-election blowout.

President Trump this week collected the most agenda wins yet, policy victories, including some backed by Democrats, that bolster arguments he’s making for reelection, according to advisers and analysts.

From adding judges to foreign policy, trade, immigration, defense spending, and China, President Trump added several more achievements he will tout when he hosts his next campaign rally, standing in front of a 2020 “Promises Kept” sign.

“It was one of his best weeks yet,” said a key White House adviser.

  • An agreement on a new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal.
  • A new budget including more than $1.3 billion for a border wall and blocks a government shutdown.
  • House approval of the U.S. Space Force, a brand-new branch of the military.
  • Government family leave that will be a model for a proposal for the public.
  • Tentative agreement on trade with China.
  • Approval of Trump’s 50th federal appeals judge.
  • Confirmation of a new Food and Drug Administration chief.
  • The signing of a pro-Israel anti-Semitism executive order.
  • Wall Street hit another record high.

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IG Report Is Out and US Attorney John Durham Has Something To Say About It…

US Attorney John DurhamJohn Durham IG Report Statement

Understand that Horowitz is a Washington insider and his IG report is limited in scope as it pertains to FISA abuse only. I am hoping the best is yet to come …

IG Report Here

US Attorney John Durham statement Here

Attorney General William Barr statement Here

Monday Morning Random Thoughts – 12/9/2019

Even though I did get my hiney out of bed at my regular 0-Dark-Thirty hours this morning it is now five hours later and I have finally found a moment to sit down and get something posted. The Wifey and I took the weekend and relaxed while enjoying a little us time. Unfortunately, all we put off over the weekend is still there for us to get a going on this fine Monday morning.

Good news is we are sitting at a balmy 50 degrees here at the BPU Compound this morning. I actually have my back patio slider door partially open enjoying the fresh air. Good/Good news is it is raining so once again the leaf covered yard will remain covered in leaves. Peanut (Pictured below) and I will have to concentrate on a few inside projects today.

RandallsBPU Monday Image

A few Monday morning RANDOM thoughts:

The Democrats Impeachment F*ckFest began on a high note this morning as a Pro-Trump protestor unloaded on Fat Bastard Nadler and his happy band of Trump hating minions. I will say this; I do not appreciate it when the Democrats stack the chamber audience with Left-Tard protestors specifically to disrupt and even though I found myself cheering the Pro-Trumper on, I wasn’t overly thrilled seeing this display of protest. Then again, after three years watching the Demorats attempt to railroad my President, maybe it is time we adopt their game plan and start taking it right back at em?

Why is it that every time I come up missing a sock out of the washer or dryer I find a plastic lid that doesn’t properly fit any of my plastic or Tupperware containers?

And finally, my bud Michael sent me this. I must be getting older and slower because after reading, it took me a half cup of coffee before it finally hit me:

Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

Have a GREAT Monday and even better week

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