If The Chinese Wuhan Kung-Flu Doesn’t Kill Us, Democrats Will

Chinese Wuhan Kung-Flu

While American small business, their employees and families are looking for some real help the D-Bags are using a national emergency to push their socialist agenda through a relief bill!

Just a few of things the Democrats are holding up the much needed Chinese Wuhan Kung-Flu relief bill over.

-Corporate Board Diversity
-College Debt “relief”
-Election Auditing
-Canceling the debt of the Postal Service
-Same-day voter registration
-Requiring airlines to offset their emissions
-Pay Equity
-Funding for community newspapers
-Free internet
-$100,000,000 for NASA’s environmental restoration group?
-Mandatory paid sick leave for every single business
-Hiding the citizenship status of College Students from the Census Bureau

New York Post…

Monday: Chinese Wuhan Kung-Flu Quarantine Day 7

Good Morning and a Blessed Monday All!

We are waking up to a beautiful light snowfall here at the BPU Compound this morning. Pavement is wet so no accumulation there but looks like close to an inch on the grass. Old Man Winter hasn’t quite given way to spring just yet but getting closer as our temperatures are slowly climbing.

The sun will be shining on a daily basis here real soon.

The BPU Compound

Our lovely Liberal Governor Gretchen Esther Whitmer is expected to hold a press conference at 11AM today. I am expecting she will announce a new “stay at home” order for all non-essential workers following in the same path as New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio.

My Lovely Bride, my Son and I are already on a home quarantine so no immediate change there. I feel for those who are trying desperately to make a living during these trying times that will be directly affected by the coming upgraded non-essential personel “stay at home” order though.

I concentrated on my mental health over the weekend avoiding the Lame Stream Media at all cost. The Wifely Unit and I watched a few movies in between me binge watching Third Rock from the Sun (1996 – 2001) starring John Lithgow.

It felt good to lighten things up and laugh a little.

I know things seem a tad dire at the moment but, we are a tough bunch and we will get through this. No matter the inconvenience remember to keep laughing.

“May laughter fill your home, relieve your stress, and strengthen your friendships. Do not let a day go buy without laughing; it is good for your health.” – Catherine Pulsifer

Have a great day and even better week Ya-All…

That being said, Let’s crack that throttle this fine Monday and get er going!!!

Monday Whiskey Throttle, Off and Running

Shit’s Gettin’ Real…

Chinese Wuhan Kung-Flu Quarantine Day 5

Touch Myself

A Very Happy Saturday my fellow Chinese Wuhan – Kung Flu campers!

Day 5 of Big Daddy government suggested home quarantine here on my little piece of this great big wonderful world and all is well at the BPU Compound.

Keep your distance, wash your hands and do not touch your face. I stopped touching myself all together without first applying Purell!!!

* Kermit.gif Most Appreciatively Lifted from Eatgrueldog *

Some uncomfortable sacrifices might have to be made if we intend to stop the spread of this Chinese developed and successfully deployed COVID 19 nasty.

Kenny Rogers passed away today, He was 81 years old.

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

Even though both Kenny and Dolly have upon numerous interviews proclaimed their relationship was strictly professional with no Hanky Panky involved, I am willing to bet Kenny got his hands all over them Tig Ole Bitties!!!

Why else would Kenny Rogers have gotten a facelift with a surgically altered permanent smile?

At least he goes to his grave,.. ‘Forever Smiling!’

Just now finishing up listening to the SIRIUS/XM 80’s MTV VJ Top 40 count down this week ending 1982.

At his time 1982 I was finishing up AIR FREIGHT Tech School at Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls, Texas. Already had my first assignment excited I was being assigned to the 316th Ariel Port Squadron Yokota Air Base, Japan.

The #1 song this week 1982 was.., Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Love Rock and Roll.

According to the Wifely Unit I am taking advantage of this Self-Quarantine to help her get some house cleaning done today?

Let’s all be safe, think of others and,..

Have a Great Weekend

Chinese Coronavirus Self Quarantine: Day 3

Chinese Coronavirus Self Quarantine Day 3 How are we all doing with our self-quarantine? Are you stocked up, locked in and stir crazy yet?

(Click Image for expanded view —->)

Timing was definitely on my side as my Lovely Bride and I did a complete and thorough grocery shopping the middle of last week. Tuesday, the same day our Governor and Great Democrat hope Gretchen Esther Whitmer locked us down, I had to go grab a few non-essentials but hey,

“All Good In Da Hood!”

The good thing is the Wifely Unit and I really enjoy being home. Long story short is, Hers, Mine and Ours and except for Ours, they are all out on their own now and doing well.

After all the SH*T we went through with our EX’s mostly mine, it’s kinda nice to sit all full of proud and just relax.

The Beer is cold, music is loud and I have plenty of charcoal!!!

Grill Explosion

Seriously though, Our wonderful and well trained Doctors and Nurses can only do so much. As taken care of and comfortable they can make us, they cannot stop the spread of this nasty Chinese Coronavirus. Unlike the DUMBASS Millennial’s (All About Me) Generation on Spring Break, If staying secluded or locked in your homes for a few days is what it takes to stop the spread,

I do not think that is asking much.

“F**K, When did I become OLD as Dirt?”

Not quite this OLD yet. Poor old and mentally deranged Joe Biden giving his victory speech after sweeping Florida from the Democrat Communist Bernout Sanders…

I did have to leave the house today for a bit. My Son had a Doctors appointment that had already been cancelled earlier, before the ChiComs F**ked everything up.

Peanut is already on a ventilator and it was time for a wellness check and vent calibration. And, if we missed this appointment refilling his mass amounts of respiratory prescriptions would have turned into a daily nightmare.

The drug store was running out of get me by’s until checked out.

My Boy Peanut The Boys appointment was at the clinical side of one of our surrounding Detroit area major hospitals. When I pulled in at 8:30AM I thought that sometime during the night I had slept through and missed Armageddon!!!

Vehicles of all sorts were wrapped around the hospital X3 lined up between the cones with port-a-potty’s set up about every two hundred yards or so.

Once I got to the parking structure and made my up to the second level it was like a ghost town sans the tumble weeds.

While waiting on the Doctor I asked one of her nurses what the hell was going on with all the cars corralled outside?

She informed me that those were people lined up for a curb side Chinese Coronavirus wellness check.

We now have people in the mass’s who more than likely are absolutely fine so scared they are infected with the Chinese Coronavirus they will sit in their vehicle for hours, to the point the hospital felt it necessary to provide port-a-potty’s?

I sure hope they have plenty of Toilet Paper…