Randalls Rant 001 – The Man, The Myth and in my own mind, The Legend

A very Happy and Blessed Sunday to all.

Super Bowl last Sunday morning I woke up and knew at that moment I had some sort of upper respiratory thing going on. My chest felt a little tight, congested and all around screwed up. I cancelled my Super Bowl plans, jumped on the Alka Seltzer cold and flu and hit the couch.

Even though all Marine or Army unit’s if suffering from my ailments would have most certainly been ordered to stand down and not participate, Tuesday morning with the upper respiratory and then a full blown cough and cold I finally UN-assed the sofa and got myself moving a little bit.

I had VFW Post BINGO to call and my Wifely Unit (Bless Her Heart) politely reminded me that my illnesses physical or mental do not compare to her birthing my chillren! (Well Played!)

Pretty close to back to normal as is my normal. Still some head congestion mostly in my right ear but feeling well enough to flirt with the Corona Virus and Lime Disease this fine afternoon.

The XFL kicked off yesterday and I was quite impressed. The speed of the game didn’t seem to match that of the NFL but, I must admit even though I do not have a dog in the hunt, I enjoyed both games.

Two more games today. What say you?

ARCA got their 2020 racing season going at Daytona yesterday. Good action packed race and competitive.

This afternoon the Big Boys get NASCAR going with the Busch Clash at 3pm EST.

I just put a big ole BEEF roast in the crotch pot with taters and carrots, “It’s What’s For Dinner!”

Have a GREAT day All and,

Cheers to you.

Randalls Rant 001

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