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“Goood Mornin’!”

The sun is just beginning to peek over the horizon, the coffee is hot and I am still working on removing the sleeperz from my eyes.

Up and At Em, We Have A Great Thursday Ahead of US…


Your ‘We A Bunch Of Racist ‘Sum-Bitches’ Daily Update:


Most Appreciatively Lifted from Odie at Woodsterman…

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Why Mail-In Ballots
Because The Chinese Kung-Flu Is So Dangerous That We Should Not Be Standing In Line To Vote

Explain to me again how our Elite Politicians are not playing us? (Click Image Below for Links)

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Alright, my boy has a Tracheostomy check up appointment I need to get him to later this morning.

I will be back to add a little more a later on this afternoon.

Have a great morning.


My Mask of Fear and Compliance

Anyone who willingly wants to wear the Mask of Fear and Compliance, good for you. I am not saying you shouldn’t wear one. Any business owner who refuses service unless their visiting patrons wear a mask, ‘Good for You’ as well. That is precisely why I carry the Mask of Fear and Compliance with me where-ever I go.

What I do have a problem with is the current PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) of fear being run on us by local, state and federal politicians. Fear is one of the strongest emotions experienced and shared by all human beings.

If only one could find a way to instill such a level of fear that the masses would comply like hmmm, convincing enough people that a virus yet to be proven more deadly than the common flu requires lock downs, closing your business, no schools, no entertainment, limited human interaction and above all else, “Only donning a mask would let others know that you are just as fearful as they are yet you, like they, are scared enough to comply.”

Hell, we might even let ourselves be fearful enough to forgo the Constitution and law both local and federal giving our blessings to politicians who defend themselves and their decisions while pointing out that it is we the freedom loving guilty who are to blame not only for spreading such a detrimental virus but for questioning exactly why we should be fearful.

By the sounds of things we should soon have a vaccination. Hopefully it will work a tad better than the one we have that was suppose to eradicate the flu. Still waiting on that vaccine for the common cold.

On the other hand, I ROCK my mask of Fear and Compliance!!! (7:25PM EST)

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