RUSH – R30

RUSH – R30

RUSH ArchivesIf I were to compile a list of regrets I have in my life, Not seeing RUSH LIVE would have to be up near the top of that list somewhere.

RUSH – 2112 was the first of their albums I purchased back in the day. RUSH Archives was the second, a three album package deal containing their first three albums – RUSH, RUSH – Fly By Night and RUSH – Caress Of Steel. I was hooked!!!

To this day RUSH – Hemispheres and RUSH – Moving Pictures are still my two favorites and go to albums when in a RUSH kinda mood…

Have a peaceful Sunday, GOD Bless, CRANK IT UP and ‘CHEERS!’

RUSH – R30 30th Anniversary Tour (LIVE)

RUSH – La Villa Strangiato

RUSH – The Trees

RUSH – Closer To The Heart

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