Saturday – 6/20/2020 (Lets Do It Again!)

Have You Ever Wondered What The COVID-19 Chinese Kung-Flu Immunization Researchers Do For Fun On A Saturday???

RandallsBPU COVID-19 Researchers

Time To Kick This Trump Re-Election Pony In The Ass!

Today the Big D and Team Trump head to Tulsa, Oklahoma for his first rally since the COVID-19 outbreak. Over a MILLION people signed up on-line hoping to attend the patriotic MEGA MAGA rally.

Oh, did I mention the latest polls show Basement Joe Biden is up by 12 points over the Trumpster?

Trump Tulsa Oklahoma Rally

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Lets Do It Again!!!

The same Morons you thought were a reliable NEWS SOURCE three and a half years ago and you still consider a reliable source of factual information?

RandallsBPU Hillary WOW

Fake News Has Their Panties In A Tight Wad Over Trumps Tulsa Rally

The same people running around the streets armed with a microphone and a cameraman, their lips heavily slathered in Chap-stick ready to give any BLM or ANTIFA rioter and looter who would talk to them a blow job are suddenly concerned with the spread of the COVID-19 Chinese Kung-Flu?

Trump Oklahoma Rally

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The Star Spangled Banner

The thing that sets the American Christian apart from all other people in the world is he will die on his feet before he’ll live on his knees.

And they prayed, God keep that flag flying where we last saw it.

I am guessing it has been some time since this ‘F**k White People’ angry Bull Dyke has taken some time to glance at a mirror?

And, what’s with the Golden Boots?

Fuck White People

Graham Parker & The Shot – Wake Up Next To You (1985)

Share It With Your Neighbors

Some Saturday Soothiness

“It’s early and the Wifely Unit is still sleeping”…

My Patriot Supply

As I was taking this picture my neighbor walked over with a couple cold Barley Pop’s.

After some back and forth Shitz and Giggles banter I noticed he was studying my two 30 Day Food Supply buckets sitting in the yard.

He finally asked, “Do you know something I don’t?”

Being the loving Left-Tard supporter and voter he is, he didn’t really appreciate me telling him that I wasn’t about to let the Democrats overseeing the current mess we are in get me or my family killed.

He bid me a hasty Farewell before I could offer him another cold beer and show him my loaded Ammo boxes???

‘Keep Yourselves and your families Prepared!’

RandallsBPU My Patriot Supply

Order From My Patriot Supply Here…

Duck Season Rabbit Season

Those of you who with me grew up on Looney Tunes will appreciate this one…

Enjoy your Saturday

God Bless



Blue Lives Matter

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