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RED FLAG: WOKE NASCAR, Bubba Wallace and the Media Still Cleaning Up The Mess They Made After The Big One…

NASCAR - The Big One

My apologies for the lack of posting the past few days.

I have been preparing to take a little vacation to North Carolina to visit my Army Sgt. Son, Lovely Daughter-in-Law and the GrandChillins’ next week.

Any of you familiar with the BPU Health Care center I run here (Cerebral Palsy Son and one legged Diabetic wifely unit) would appreciate the amount of planning and the logistical feat it takes packing for a long road trip.

With all the unsavory goings on across our great nation I hope everyone is staying positive and having a wonderful week.

Noose wasn’t directed at NASCAR’s Wallace, proving once again that life is complicated

What’s complicated about it?

NASCAR in their eagerness to appear WOKE turned everything race (No pun intended) and inequality over to SJW (Social Justice Warrior) Bubba Wallace, the sports only black driver.

The lug nutless wonders who run NASCAR all crashed and burned (and it wasn’t pretty) when the infamous noose turned out to be a garage door pull rope with a loop tied at the end.

This weekend at Pocano instead of another pre-race, ‘Walk of Shame On All Of You Racist’s’ NASCAR, Bubba Wallace and race teams should offer all their fans an official apology!

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was not the victim of a hate crime. Instead, he turned out to be the unknowing central character of a massive misunderstanding.

NASCAR said Tuesday that the noose spotted hanging from Wallace’s stall Sunday in Talladega was actually “a garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose” — and that it had been there since at least October 2019.

Wallace and his No. 43 team were completely blameless, NASCAR president Steve Phelps emphasized in a conference call with media. “I want to be clear about the 43 team,” Wallace said. “The 43 team had nothing to do with this.”

But the noose’s placement wasn’t directed at Wallace and, in fact, the noose had been attached to that garage door for at least eight months, officials said. The 15 agents that the FBI assigned to the case figured that out in less than two days.

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Prior to NASCAR releasing their statement acknowledging the fact they had just been made a damn fool of themselves and that the perpetrated hate crime against their very own SJW Bubba ‘Black Lives Matter’ Wallace was in fact the just deserved rewards of unverified assumption and overreaction coming back to bite them square in the ass,
the Hodgetwins NAILED it with this YouTube gem.

Make sure you visit their YouTube channel and subscribe to the Brothers Hodge!

No, that wasn’t a racist connotation, they really are Brothers!!!


Bubba Wallace finds a burnt cross


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Bubba Wallace, snowflake of color

It’s a shame that the first black man to wheel a car 200MPH around NASCAR’s fastest speedways full time couldn’t have concentrated a little more on opening the doors of inclusiveness and good for others instead of embarrassing NASCAR and himself over the past actions of a few.

To be the leader, a loud voice who other talented, STRIKE THAT, men and women of color PERIOD could look up to knowing that if Bubba could make it to the top on his merits regardless his race, so could they.

Nope, Snowflake Bubba Wallace doesn’t have the Lug Nuts to do that.

And, shame on Petty Enterprises for condoning this B.S.!

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace apparently contains multitudes. Part of him is obviously a fierce competitor, a man brave enough to risk his life by racing at speeds approaching 200 mph. You have to be able and willing to trade paint with other drivers just as tough and determined as you to make it on the NASCAR circuit. No one who’s ever participated in or attended a race would ever call Wallace soft.

And then there’s Bubba Wallace, the self-proclaimed victim of a racist America. Imagine how race-sensitive he must be to look at a rope, knotted a certain way and obviously used to close a garage door, and see a noose. Even after the FBI, who apparently investigate rope crimes when not running coups against duly elected presidents, said the rope was utilitarian and had been there for some time, Bubba insisted he’d seen a noose.

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