US Declassifies List of Obama Officials Responsible For ‘Unmasking’ Gen. Flynn

“POTUS (Barack Hussein Obama) wants to know everything we are doing.”Email between the FBI Love Birds Peter Strzok & Lisa Page.

So do we!

Is it to early to begin constucting the gallows and finding us some fresh rope?

Unmasked [ABC News] Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has declassified a list of former Obama administration officials who were allegedly involved in the so-called “unmasking” of former national security adviser Michael Flynn in his conversations with the former Russian ambassador during the presidential transition, a senior U.S. official tells ABC News.

Grenell, who remains the U.S. ambassador to Germany along with being the acting DNI, visited the Justice Department last week and brought the list with him, according to the official.

On Tuesday, a senior Justice Department official told ABC News that the department does not intend to release the list and deferred to the ODNI for any further comment.

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