White House and Senate Agree On $2 Trillion Chinese Wuhan Kung-Flu Stimulus Bill

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

I am sure Schumer and Pelosi still managed to get some of their socialist pork included in the $2 Trillion Chinese Wuhan Kung-Flu Stimulus Bill.

I am willing to bet these two Clowns purposely loaded the bill with socialist program overkill knowing full well they would have to negotiate most of it, Not All but most away.

The White House and Senate leaders of both major political parties announced agreement early Wednesday on an unprecedented $2 trillion emergency bill to rush sweeping aid to businesses, workers and a health care system slammed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The urgently needed pandemic response measure is the largest economic rescue measure in history and is intended as a weekslong or monthslong patch for an economy spiraling into recession and a nation facing a potentially ghastly toll.

Top White House aide Eric Ueland announced the agreement in a Capitol hallway shortly after midnight, capping days of often intense haggling and mounting pressure. The deal still needs to be finalized in detailed legislative language…

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